Have You Ever Wondered How to Buy a Domain Name?

Buy a Domain Name

Today, with the rise in domain name registrars making life easy for online business owners, buying a domain name is a walk in the park. Some will not only sell you a domain name but also offer to host your website for you.

Where to find registrars to buy a domain name

The internet is filled with registrars. You will need to put in some time to identify them, compare prices and packages, and select the most suitable one. Conduct some research into the domain name registrar to make sure they are reputable or risk owning someone else’s domain name. Go further and look into the history of the domain name to ensure you are not getting a name hooked to legal suits. That is no way to start a new online business.

Some people are not to be trusted, especially in this internet world where you are looking to hire the services of someone from another continent. Asking around to look into a registrar’s reputation and reliability would spare you a lot of headaches, money and wasted time.

Risks involved in domain name registration

Besides running the risk of owning someone else’s name, domain name registration comes with a few other risks.

  • Getting shut down after a year if you forget to renew your registration. This means losing your clients and their contacts. Therefore, even if you bought another domain name, you will not be able to reach out to your clients to let them know about your new network address. The solution to avoiding this risk is to pay for the domain name up front for 5 to 10 years or set up auto payments to the registrar when a year lapses.
  • Buying domain names and extensions that confuse clients when they are navigating the internet to find your website. These include the .eu5.net and .co variety as well as domain names with hyphens, numbers, and abbreviations. A domain name example like beautifuljerseyshirts.com for a company called ‘Beautiful Jersey Shirts’ is pretty straightforward. When people are surfing the net and happen to key in your company name, your website is one of the sites they will find at the first page of the search engine.
  • Getting your domain name registered under someone else’s name. Check and recheck to ensure your name is what is registered under your domain name.

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